Prakriti Rupa Sai – Ek Anusthan

Rising temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, expanding deserts, shrinking forests, disappearing plants and animals, eroding soils and falling water tables are just a few signs and have the potential to lead to an immense amount of suffering through Global Warming.

We need the will and the concentration to work on global warming issues. We need to keep the focus with compassion, spirituality, wisdom and patience. This can be a wonderful field for practice. The world that we are living in started in our own consciousness. We are called to changing our own consciousness and our collective consciousness, radically adjusting it to the current situation and what it asks for. We can help people feel that every action counts. Every action has an influence on the planet. We need a spiritual awakening, an awakening of our minds, hearts, our volition, our actions. We need a collective awakening. People's attitudes, habit energies and behaviors will change when they gain spiritual insight into our interdependence with all beings. At “Prakriti Rupa Sai” we have reflected on the current global situation. We have reflected on how we as humans relate to our environment. Our environment includes other human beings, animals with whom we share our monastery grounds and beyond, plants that grow around us, and the minerals that this land is made of. All of these elements are necessary for each of us individuals to be alive. We are not separate from any one of them. We cannot survive without the support of the plants that feed us and of the minerals that support the plants. We cannot survive without the animals that help to keep nature in balance. All of us are part of this immense and fascinating ecosystem where every element interacts with every other element and makes thus life possible. The harmony and balance of this ecosystem makes our human life possible. We also become more and more aware that this complex ecosystem is fragile. Every action results in a change of the system, everything is affected by the action of one single person. Like in Indra's net, every action affects all other planetary beings. It seems we humans are destroying more and more the balance of our ecosystem that has built up over millions of years. We are driving more and more species to extinction.

Sai Baba says “It is one thing only: man is lost and is wandering in a jungle where real values have no meaning. Real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use. The spiritual path is based on the true human values: truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence. When man plots a course through life based on these values, which provide a solid foundation, then all the negative emotions fall away. Even if he should stumble on the path, he can easily see the reason for the fall and quickly steady himself and continue the spiritual journey.”

To proceed on Sai Baba’s statement, we take a leap by performing a “Prakriti Rupa Sai ” – Ek Anusthan - A collective prayer to God offered with selfless devotion. We are performing a Yagya to remind ourselves of our obligations towards dharma, society, nature, animals and ancestors. As a Hindu we regard the Yagya as divine law, a universal truth and a scientific fact that the greatest prosperity is achieved by helping each other. Our scriptures sing the glory of performing a Yagya in the presence of a God -realized Guru. Such a Yagya purifies us and brings peace and prosperity into our world.