Prakriti Rupa Sai – Ek Anusthan

A collective prayer to God offered with selfless devotion. We are performing a Yagya to remind ourselves of our obligations towards dharma,
society, nature, animals and ancestors.
"Aware of our responsibility and love for ourselves and for our environment, we want to practice living in harmony with humans, animals, plants and minerals. Aware of our interrelatedness with all beings, we know that harming others is harming ourselves."

Our planet is under stress and our civilization in trouble. The majority of scientists nowadays agree that our planetary climate is heating up and that there is an urgency to act to prevent further damage.

For Registration or Inquiries, contact: or call us at: 040 6454 6777.

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Coming Soon:

HR Workshop

Krish Infotain is coming soon with an exclusive workshop on "Human Resources: Vital for Corporate Organization", a first of its kind in India, wherein providing a platform for budding students to discuss their career planning & opportunities with various Corporate Companies and Educational Institutions and the best HR practice for Managers in developing the organization and working towards the welfare of the community as a whole.

We are providing a stage for all the stakeholders to participate, discuss and facilitate in the most happening country. So be there to make the change!

For Registration or Inquiries, contact: or call us at: 040 65791040.

On the Floor:

Title - Folk to Fashion-Fusion

Talent Hunt Show: TV Serial                                                      Music, Dance and Craft                                                             Music Album


India has always been known as the land that portrayed cultural and traditional vibrancy through its colorful and conventional folk arts and craft, costumes, music folklore and dances. The attraction towards folk culture has been noticed profoundly in other parts of the world also. European folk Culture, Craft, Music, Dance is also tremendously captivating. We at Krish Infotain wish to launch a Music Album on Folk to Fashion— Fusion with Music.

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Get Knowledge & Wisdom,

Gain Confidence,

Immerse yourself in knowledge!

The meaning of career has undergone a sea change, of late, from its ‘meaning’, ‘purpose’ to its practical usage in today’s world. Now it has become more complex, dynamic and ever changing. Gone are the days when there were pre-defined methodologies and practices for succeeding in a particular stream, now as we enter the world of bits and bytes — thanks to the internet arena, new technologies and methodologies are redefining the way we live.

We are launching Krish STAR, aims at educating and enabling the youths of today to become successful achievers in every walk of life tomorrow. Through this venture, we aim to increase awareness in young generation of youths around the world of becoming industrious and successful entrepreneurs, excelling in and enjoying life, by counseling and enhancing you career wise in whatever field of education and training you are prepared to begin, searching your stable and honored source of decent livelihood, from far and near, from urban and rural areas as well, from wherever you are in the world!

Our counseling encompasses utmost in education and training leading to employment in the field of Science and Technology, Management, Medical and Engineering, Mass Communication, Media Person Skills, Architecture, Folk Arts and Handicrafts, Classical and Folk Music and Dances of India, Computer Hardware and Software across the globe.

Enroll with us today, for a better tomorrow!   


The Ghazal Show at Mumbai was spectacular, which we were looking for a long time now, kudos to Krish Infotain, only it can conduct an event like this.    
    - Sachin, Mumbai

We are eagerly awaiting to attend and interact with the Corporate Companies and understand what it takes to get hired at the Krish HR Workshop    
    - Sudhanshu, Chennai.

we look forward to reserve tickets for the show: Folk to Fashion-Fusion event organized by Krish Infotain.   
    - Shruti, Student.


We have come to help you and enable and equip you to enjoy your success in life and stand the test of time!Just come to us...! We have all the solutions which bestow upon you excellent and once-in-a-lifetime chances to catch and achieve and enjoy your best for the rest of life!The only thing that matters is your determination to work and our valuable and timely suggestions to choose the best which suits your interest and attitude to work!Have a careful reading of our messages on our site and get yourself connected with us if you are really in need...!!

Job title Organization Location EXp CTC
TV News Anchors English News Channel Mumbai 3-4 Yrs 3-4 Lakhs
Web Designers Krish Infotain Hyderabad 1-2 Yrs 2.3 Lakhs

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