Folk to Fashion - Fusion

India has always been known as the land that portrayed cultural and traditional vibrancy through its colorful and conventional folk arts and craft, costumes, music, folklore and dances. Over the years, folk culture has gained prominence in other parts of the world. Moreover European folk Culture, Crafts, Music, Dance is also tremendously captivating and is by means less than our Indian Folk Culture.

Folk art and fashion apparently has a great potential in international market because of its traditional aesthetic sensibility, authentic and native flavor. Tribal and folk art resembles the spirit of festivals, fairs, local deities, fantasy, legends of puranic Gods & Goddesses and a mystic aura pertaining to their customs and traditions. In ancient times upto Muslim Period, all its credits and privileges were used by kings, queens and royal communities only and later on it was stopped by sacrificing their thumbs. Stories related to this are with us.

Music of India includes, multiple varieties of folk, Pop, Bhojpuri and classical music. The fusion of Indian folk bhojpuri, Punjabi music has diverse appeal and craze of its own, to name a few Bhangra, Lavni, Dandiya, Rajasthani, Pandavani, Bauls, Garba, Dollu Kunita, Kolata, Chhau, Dalkhai, Bihu etc.. Most of the folk music is dance-oriented.

Colorful costumes of Indian and western folk dances enhance the beauty of the performers and add flavor to fashion shows. Folk dances are performed with the single motive of expressing joy during every possible occasion be it celebrating the birth of a child, the arrival of seasons, transplanting, harvesting, rains, wedding and various other festivals. They reflect the spirit of the performance and vitality.

A new wave of culture is embracing folk music, art and craft and clothings, fashion, showing a growing interest in its raw, rustic appeal. Now, the tastes have changed. People are making them a career out of Folk. Fusion of folk Music, Art, Craft and Dresses reflect a Genetic Memory of all born in Indian sub-continent and foreign countries as well..

Heavily influenced by the Folk genre, there has been observed a new drift in focus from songs revolving around love and heartbreak to addressing burning issues such as poverty, conservation of energy, education and greening of earth etc. Folk melodies has infused a new life to the talent hunt shows which have an overdose of Bollywood numbers.

Hence, on the basis of extensive researches in the above, efforts are being taken to bring a splendid combination of all the nativities of Indian and European exclusive folk cultures at one big platform — “Folk to Fashion—A Fusion" from glittering past to incredible present - for all to watch and delight and create an atmosphere of euphoria and a sustainable source of exploring many more opportunities to work in the field.

With this aim in view, stage wise plans are envisaged to popularize the theme through events under the banner

1.Grand stage performance in London/Mauritius (Date and venue to be released Shortly) presenting ten representative exclusive items each from the “fusion pageantry” of Indian and European Folk, art and craft, music (Instrumental and vocal), costumes and Dances which directly influence new wave of fashion globally .

2. People all over the world can watch the shows LIVE on TV.

3.Simultaneously, a Music Album will also be released to give this NEVER-BEFORE-HELD show a permanent value and honour for further ventures.

4.This event/stage show will provide new ground to Talent Hunt Shows in forthcoming days, also in organizing Serial Episodes reaching the events to real folks (general people) not only in India and also the world over.

5. There is a plan to involve celebrities and fresh talents (approx. 20 and 80 respectively) to intensify the purpose of the events.

6 Approx.50-50 Indian and European Folk Talents will be selected by experts to give them a new mission to live for and stand for.

7.The same events/shows will be organized further blending of Folk Culture/Craft /Fashion Showa and Traditional Values by introducing latest Laser Shows.

8.Fresh Folk Talents from all the Folk Fields will get a chance to work and professionalize themselves through rehearsal/perform with famous musicians/ choreographers /singers/actors as well.